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TeLL Me More Kids English is the most powerful English language teaching software for children, with which children can enjoy learning English in an entertaining environment. This wonderful application can be used for all children aged 3 to 12 years. One of the top features of the TeLL Me More Kids collection, which all critics have endorsed and considered to be a very positive one, is to create a lot of interest and motivation for learning English, because the child and teenager have never felt tired when training. And from watching the movieEnjoy the beautiful and lovely educational cartoons and learn English. The software has a unique feature of speech recognition and Speech Recognition that the child repeats through the microphone with the software, and the software corrects and hears its problems. It also has more than 840 games and entertainment that is damp in 15 different categories for practical use words in sentences so that Mac can not. In this application, two lovely professors and parrot characters are at the tutorial and tutorials for your child.

The tutorials in this application cover three age groups of children, which include:
- Home vocabulary: for children aged 7-4 years
- City vocabulary: ages 9 to 7 years
- World vocabulary: aged 12-9 years
Key Features of the TeLL Me More Kids English:
- Environments around animations and cartoons like for the comprehensive English language
- Leveled for children from 4 years to 12 years
- 300 hours English language instruction for children in stages (100 hours for all ages)
- 3000 words useful to learn in this series
- particularly writing skills training for children 9-12 years ( game puzzles and puzzle, crossword puzzle, practice spelling and dictation and D Practice and teach other games)
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